Testing Tools Partner

All necessary tools for QA testing process are in one system, from writing test cases to the test execution and spent time reports and description

Major features include:

  • Upload test objects (.apk, .ipa files or link to the websites) and share a link to it with your project members
  • Create, view and edit test plans
  • Split your test plan into modules
  • Create, edit, copy and move test cases within modules
  • Export and import test cases from .CSV file
  • Create test runs
  • Select test cases from different test plans
  • Immediately choose the status of the checked test case
  • Create an issue, if a test case is failed
  • Generate different types of reports
  • Synchronize EasyQA and Jira bug trackers
  • Use EasyQA SDK to catch crashes and report bugs directly from the tested mobile application
  • Supports English and Russian

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