Diploma in Digital Marketing(SEO & SMO)


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Evening batch

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Duration Of Class

SEO Basics : 20 hours
Advance SEO: 40 hours
SMO: 40 hours

Live project

Live project or live industry case study

Duration : 30 hours

Class Work Case Studies

During the training program, live case studies from the industry will be shared with student which will give the understanding of the industry.

Placement Policy

Placement support is a complimentory service provided to all Job oriented courses.

Expert Support

Support team available to help you with any technical queries you may have during the course.


Towards the end of the course, you will be working on a project. Techbodhi certifies you as a Diploma in Digital Marketing(SEO Analysis) based on the project.

Course Description

At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers a wide range of marketing activities, all of which are not universally agreed upon, we'll focus on the most common types below.
Tech Bodhi is managed by highly experienced professionals from the IT industry who has experience across Globe
More and more small businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to effectively reach and engage their target consumers online. In fact, U.S. digital marketing spend will rise to about $332 billion by 2021.
This course can be taken by anyone who wants to be a SEO analysist or wants to learn SEO.
Any graduate with willingness to learn.


The system requirements include Minimum 4 GB RAM, i3 processor and above,500 GB HDD.
For your practical work techbodhi team will provide guidance.
Realtime industry case studies will be covered


Search Engine Optimization

  • Internet and Search Engine Basics
  • Internet Marketing
  • Importance of Internet Marketing
  • Types of Internet Marketing Methods
  • Importance of Search Engines
  • SEO is an Art or Science
  • How the search engine works?
  • Understanding the SERP
  • Using Search Operators
  • Google Search Engine Architecture
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Page Rank Technology
  • Panda Update and its Importance
  • Latest Updates about SEOAlgorithms
  • Google Web Masters Tools
  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Business Analysis
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research Methodology
  • Keywords Analysis Tools
  • Competition Analysis
  • Preparing a Keyword List for Project
  • Localized Keywords Research
  • Basics of Website Designing / Development
  • Essentials of good website designing
  • HTML Basics for SEO
  • HTML Tags Related to SEO
  • Usability and User Experience in Website
  • Onsite Optimization Basics
  • Importance of Domain Names and Value
  • Domain Selection
  • Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization
  • Coding Best Practices
  • Filename Optimization
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Keywords Research in Various Search Engines
  • Meta Tags
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Headers Optimization
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Optimizing SEO content
  • Page Speed Optimization Tool
  • Anchor Links Optimization
  • Internal Link Strategy
  • Iframes / Frames effects on SEO
  • Header and footer
  • Header optimization with tag line or catch line
  • Footer Optimization
  • Creating an HTML and XML sitemaps
  • URL Rewriting Techniques (301, 302)
  • Canonical / 404 Implementation
  • HTML Validation using W3C
  • Google SEO Guidelines
  • Search Engines V/S directory
  • Major search engines and directories
  • Google Page Rank
  • Google Sandbox effect
  • Website Architecture
  • Hosting Selection
  • How the Search Engine works
  • Heat map of Home page
  • Description
  • Creating Robots file
  • Creating sitemaps
  • Image tag optimization
  • Image Importance
  • Anchor Text
  • URL renaming/re-writing
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Yahoo Feed Submission
  • SWOT Analysis of Website
  • Target segmentation
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Finding Right Appropriate Keywords
  • Submission to search engines
  • Introduction to Offsite Optimization
  • Local marketing of websites depending on locations
  • Promoting Subsequent pages of the website
  • Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat SEO
  • Submission to Relevant Directories
  • Linking Building Methodology
  • Types of Linking Methods
  • Free Links / Paid Links
  • Directory Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Free Classifieds
  • Forums
  • Forum Signatures and Commenting
  • Press Releases
  • Video optimization
  • Link Building
  • How to promote home page
  • Directory Submissions for SEO
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Local Business Listing (Local SEO)
  • Classifieds Posting
  • Using Blogs for SEO
  • Blog Commenting
  • Press Release Submission
  • Article Submissions
  • Video Submissions
  • Social Media Optimization Techniques (Basics)
  • RSS Feeds Submissions
  • Tracking the Links and Page Rank
  • Question and Answers
  • Difference between Dynamic and Static Sites
  • SEO for Word press (SEO Widgets)
  • The benefits of online advertising and AdWords
  • Google's advertising networks
  • How AdWords works
  • Target your ads
  • Keywords
  • Adlocation
  • Age,location,and language
  • Days,times,and frequency
  • Devices
  • Control your costs
  • Keyword Bidding
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Whats analysis?
  • Introduction to Google Analytics in details
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Basics of Google Analytics
  • Is analysis worth the effort? Small businesses Medium and large scale businesses
  • Analysis vs intuition
  • What is web analytics?
  • Getting started with Google Analytics How Google Analytics works Accounts, profiles, and users
  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Basic Metrics
  • Main Sections of Google Analytics reports
  • Traffic Sources
  • Direct, referring, and search traffic
  • Campaigns
  • AdWords, Adsense
  • Content
  • Pages and Landing Pages
  • Event Tracking and AdSense
  • Site Search
  • Visitors
  • Unique visitors
  • Geographic and language information
  • Technical reports
  • Benchmarking
  • Website Position Analysis in various search engines
  • Visitors Reports
  • Geographic Reports
  • Traffic Sources Reports
  • Keywords Reports
  • Your Goals and Conversions

Social Media Marketing

  • Definition of social media
  • Types of social media
  • Key terms to understand
  • How Social Media influences audience
  • How to choose right social media
  • Developing unique content, positioning and voice
  • How to generate Word of mouth
  • Integrating social media into your website and blogs
  • How to amplify content with multiple Social Media channels Viral Marketing
  • What is Twitter
  • Why we love it
  • Opportunity
  • How to Setup a Twitter account
  • Tips about setting up a Twitter account: Personal Bio | Profile Picture | Background Picture
  • Opportunity
  • Following and Listening
  • Building Relationship
  • Tools for managing your Tweets
  • Finding People and Companies on Twitter
  • Understanding the Twitter Lingo
  • Twitter Guidelines
  • Twitter Tools
  • Reputation Management | Keyword Research | Competition Analysis
  • Automate Twitter
  • Setting up Facebook and Privacy
  • What Can You Do With Facebook
  • Facebook Features: Photo Album | Events | The Wall and Notes | Chat | Groups and Fan Pages
  • Facebook Benefits
  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Group Pages vs Fan Pages
  • Facebook Pages what can you do
  • How to promote your Facebook page
  • Engagement and Conversation
  • Being Found in Real Time Search
  • Creating Facebook Application / Widget
  • Pro and Con of using Facebook
  • Linking with YouTube
  • Creating Events
  • Building content calendar
  • What is LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Answers
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • How to do link building in LinkedIn
  • Creating SEO friendly URL
  • Pro & Con of using LinkedIn
  • What is Google Plus
  • Features
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Google Plus: Circles | Hangouts | Stream
  • Google Plus goes Mobile
  • FeaGoogle + 1tures
  • Google Plus for Businesses
  • RSS feed optimization
  • Wikies
  • Do and Dont
  • Widgets
  • Rules of Corporate blogging
  • Tips and tricks for interesting articles
  • Publishing and networking via blog
  • Blog promotion
  • Myblog
  • Post updation
  • Blog Commenting
  • Bookmarking
  • Reditt
  • Photo sharing
  • Forum and Online Communities
  • Answerscom
  • Writing with keywords
  • Maximizing coverage
  • Distribution
  • Article creation & Submission
  • Behavioral and cultural standard for Social Media Interaction
  • Linking all Social Media Accounts
  • Optimizing Social Media content for Search Engine
  • Importance of Short URL and how to do


Tech Bodhi Assures you do not miss any contents:
  • If You miss single or couple of sessions, Trainer will manager
  • If large number of sessions are missed, Center Head will provide the solution

Techbodhi is committed to provide you an awesome learning experience through world-class content and best-in-class instructors. We will create an ecosystem through this training, that will enable you to convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at the time of an interview. We can assist you in resume building and also share important interview questions once you are done with the training. Placement Assistance is a complimentory service provided to job oriented courses

We can arrange a demo session on your request
All the trainers at Tech Bodhi are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 5-20 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Tech Bodhi for providing an learning experience.
You can give us a CALL at +91 9960295908 OR email atinfo@techbodhi.co.in


  • Once you are successfully through the exit test and project assignment (Reviewed by a Techbodhi’s expert), you will be awarded with Techbodhi’s diploma Certificate
  • Techbodhi’s certification has industry recognition and we are the preferred training partner for many MNCs. Names cannot be disclosed as per NDA