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Duration Of Class

60 hours

Live project

Every student will be working on a simulation of live project. Job Application project is implemented.

Class Work Assignments

During the training sessions, relevant case studies will be shared and discussed with students. .

Placement Policy

Placement support is a complimentory service provided to all Job oriented courses.

Expert Support

Technical support team members are committed to help students with any technical queries arise during the course. Career guidance will be provied to students along with resume building as per need basis.


Techbodhi certifies you as an Salesforce Developer based on your performance during exit test. Hard Copy of the certificate will be provided to you.

Course Description

Techbodhi’s Salesforce Certification Training will make you an expert in all the concepts related to administration and declarative development options. It will also help you prepare for Salesforce Certification (both SFDC Admin 201 & App Builder Certification) Note: We do provide Self Paced content related to:
1. Introduction to Apex Programming
2. Introduction to VisualForce
3. VisualForce & Apex

This Salesforce Certification training at Tech Bodhi is suitable for all professionals who are passionate about CRM and cloud computing. But typical profiles, but not limited to, who go for salesforce training are:

  • Siebel and other CRM products professionals
  • Experienced professionals who are looking to have an exciting career in the leading Cloud Computing platform
  • Functional consultants who are looking to switch to salesforce
  • Freshers who are looking to get a jump start to their careers in Cloud computing
  • Lateral developers who have worked in Java, mainframe and C# and are looking for a boost to their career from legacy platform
Salesforce Certification training at Tech Bodhi does not require any specific pre-requisites. But any working knowledge as an administrator or a developer or a functional consultant will be handy


The system requirements include Minimum 4 GB RAM, i3 processor and above,260 GB HDD.
Trainer will assure you can work on assignment successfully
Trainer to decide on latest case study


  • Overview of each of three building blocks in cloud applications
  • SAAS
  • PAAS
  • IAAS
  • Different Cloud Service providers
  • Enable Developing mode
  • over View about Developer Console
  • Installing Eclipse
  • Overview about using eclipse and options
  • Installing ant and Maven in the eclipse
  • MVC Architecture
  • Comparision of MVC to APPS
  • OOPS Basics
  • Lexical
  • Tokens
  • Identifiers
  • Varaibles
  • Data Types
  • Methods
  • Access Modifiers
  • Comparission between Method/Function and Procedure
  • Classes
  • 1. Creation of Variables
  • Getter Methods
  • Setter Methods
  • Creation of Methods
  • with Sharing
  • With Out Sharing
  • Creation of Objects
  • Reference Variables
  • Constructors
  • Class Scope
  • Static Variables
  • Static Methods
  • Static Blocks
  • Final Variables
  • Final Static Variables
  • Arrays
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Arrays
  • Collections
  • List Class and Method
  • Set Class and Methods
  • Select Option Class
  • SOQL ( Object Query Language)
  • Group By
  • Having
  • Limit
  • Offset
  • Update Lock
  • Parent to Child object Query
  • Child to Parent object Query
  • Aggregate Result
  • Compression of Database. Query and static query
  • Governing limits for SOQL
  • DML operations
  • Database. DML operations
  • Compression of DML with Database.DML
  • Database. Save Point
  • Database. Rollback operations
  • Inheritance in Class
  • Overriding classes
  • Working with workbench
  • Writing a test classes
  • SOQl Governing limit
  • DML governing limit
  • DML on No . of records
  • Future Methods
  • Setup Objects
  • Non Setup Objects
  • Mixed DML exception
  • AsyncApexJob class
  • Batch Apex
  • Custom Iterable Class
  • Database.QueryLocator
  • Start Method
  • executeMethod
  • finshMethod
  • Database.BatchableContext
  • Implementing Database.Stateful Interface
  • Calling Future Methods
  • Creating a future methods in a batch
  • Invoking callouts from Batch apex
  • Implementing Database.AllowCallouts
  • Calling batch with in a batch
  • Handling exceptions in batch apex
  • Sending email from finish
  • Invoking another batch from Batch
  • Serializing Batch apex
  • Outbound Email Services
  • Single Email Message
  • Sending Pdf attachment
  • Sending Email Template
  • Attaching VF page as an attachment
  • Attaching the Email to activities
  • Creating a PDF from future methods
  • Mass Email Message
  • Creating Inbound Email Handlers
  • Creating Inbound Email Service
  • Creating a lead based on inbound email
  • Invoke a batch apex based on Inbound
  • Implementing Schedule Apex
  • Cron Trigger
  • Invoking Batch Apex
  • Invoking Future Methods from Schedule Apex
  • Invoking the Callouts from Schedule Apex
  • Sending Email from Schedule Apex
  • Test Classes
  • Governing Limits
  • Trigger Events
  • Trigger Context variables
  • Insert Triggers
  • Trigger. New in before insert and after Insert .
  • DML in before insert and after Insert.
  • System validation and before Insert Trigger Combination.
  • System validation and Before Insert and custom validations.
  • System validation and Before Insert, Custom validation and after Insert trigger Combination.
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule Combination.
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response Combination
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response, workflow Combination.
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response workflow 1, workflow rule 2 Combination
  • System Validation, Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert, Assignment Rule, Auto Response workflow 1, workflow rule 2, Rollup summary combination.
  • System Validation ,Before Insert, Custom validation, after insert ,Assignment Rule, Auto Response workflow 1, workflow rule 2 ,Rollup ,Formulas combination.
  • Trigger.Old
  • Trigger.OldMap
  • Trigger.New
  • Triger.NewMap
  • Recursive trigger
  • Trigger handlers
  • Trigger’s on Parent Child objects
  • Trigger. Old
  • Trigger. OldMap
  • Trigger. New
  • Trigger. New Map
  • Invoking Batch Apex from Triggers
  • Invoking Schedule Apex from Triggers
  • Invoking Email’s from Triggers
  • Invoking future Methods from Triggers
  • Invoking Callouts from Triggers
  • Invoking apex classes from Triggers
  • Dataloader with Triggers
  • Test Classes


Tech Bodhi Assures you do not miss any contents:
  • If You miss single or couple of sessions, Trainer will manager
  • If large number of sessions are missed, Center Head will provide the solution

Techbodhi is committed to provide you an awesome learning experience through world-class content and best-in-class instructors. We will create an ecosystem through this training, that will enable you to convert opportunities into job offers by presenting your skills at the time of an interview. We can assist you in resume building and also share important interview questions once you are done with the training. Placement Assistance is a complimentory service provided to job oriented courses

We can arrange a demo session on your request
All the trainers at Tech Bodhi are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 5-20 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by Tech Bodhi for providing an learning experience.
You can give us a CALL at +91 9960295908 OR email


  • Once you are successfully through the exit test and project assignment (Reviewed by a Techbodhi’s expert), you will be awarded with Techbodhi’s diploma Certificate
  • Techbodhi’s certification has industry recognition and we are the preferred training partner for many MNCs. Names cannot be disclosed as per NDA